Gemasolar wins the DESERTEC Award 2014 


DESERTEC awarded the Spanish power plant Gemasolar of the operating company Torresol with the DESERTEC Award 2014. With a total storage capacity of 15 hours Gemasolar can produce electricity at night, as well as in cloudy weather conditions. It complements other alternative energy sources, such as wind and photovoltaic, because it can compensate fluctuations in their energy supply. Consequently, these variable sources can reach their fullest potential without the use of fossil fuels.


Today, we lay the groundwork for our future energy supply. Each coal- or nuclear power plant built hinders the global energy transition. Solar-thermal technology is a feasible alternative to traditional energy sources. It is not only faster and easier to implement, but are also exceptionally useful to the people living in arid- and desert regions. By building more solar-thermal power plants, we can help eliminate our dependency on coal- and nuclear energy and thereby advance the global energy transition. To raise awareness of this potential and to mobilise people are important goals of the DESERTEC Foundation.


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