Despite the ups and downs, the idea to generate electricity from the desert prevails. Even today, the DESERTEC concept is implemented in 118 solar thermal power plants around the world that can produce electricity day and night.
Solar thermal energy is an important pillar of the much-needed energy revolution. This type of power production is safe, clean and effective. The newly built "Google Power Plant" Ivanpah provides 392 megawatts of electricity, almost as much as a small nuclear power plan , and supplies 140,000 households with electricity. Energy from desert -rich areas is possible also in Europe, this is shown in the successful example  provided by DESERTEC Award winner Gemasolar (picture) in southern Spain.



DESERTEC was never a project of the economy but a project where all forces of society have to contribute.

The DESERTEC idea has never been about delivering electricity from Africa to Europe, but to supply companies in desert regions with energy from the sun instead of oil and gas.

The DESERTEC idea has never been about, only providing electricity for households and industry, but also to further the process of desalination, so that sea water could become drinkable.

DESERTEC is perhaps the largest cooperation project between the desert belt ( DESERT -belt ) and the technology belt of the world ( TEChnology ) .

Our idea has many strengths that will be recognized in the economy. Some investors are already taking a pioneering role including Google, and any more will follow.
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"Global Energiewende"! The German edition of the DESERTEC Atlas was distributed to almost 15,000 students. Now, the popular book has been translated into four languages. English and Spanish are available soon, French and Portugese will follow. 


For the German edition of the book the German Association CLUB OF ROME developed in cooperation with Greenpeace Germany and the DESERTEC Foundation additional material for school lessons.


The DESERTEC Atlas will also be part of DESERTEC Trainings. In these one day trainings young people between 18 and 30 years will be empowered to give presentations to multiply the DESERTEC Vision and to enthuse others for a "Global Energiewende". 


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Let’s work together to ensure a brighter future for all children and future generations.


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