Supporters of the Foundation


Our partners make an important contribution to the implementation of the DESERTEC Concept, and thus the creation of sustainable living conditions for a growing world population. We offer our warmest thanks to our DESERTEC Partners for their professional and financial support of our foundation and the good collaboration.


You would like your company to become an official DESERTEC Partner? Please contact our foundation via email.


Supporters of the Foundation

DESERTEC Academic Partners

The DESERTEC Academic Partner Network is part of the globally organized DESERTEC Institute enabling representatives from science, research and development of all countries and nations to work together as a network.


The aim is to bring together the scientific resources for the implementation of a global energy revolution in the sense of the DESERTEC Concept and comparable sustainable approaches and expand.


All entities that are dedicated to science or education in areas that are relevant to the further development and implementation of the DESERTEC Concept can become DESERTEC Academic Partners. Professor Dr Michael Düren is responsible and creative director of the DESERTEC Institute and the DESERTEC Academic Partner Network.


You would like to become an official DESERTEC Academic Partner? Please contact our foundation via email.


Supporters of the Foundation


The DESERTEC Foundation was founded on January 20, 2009 with support from His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal and the German Association of the Club of Rome. 


Further Co-Founders are: Jörn, Nils and Pierre Aldag; Christian Breyer; Dr. Klaus Burghard; Dr. Daniel Dahm; Prof. Dr. Michael Düren; Dr. Ing. Hani El Nokraschy; Friedrich Führ; Gisela and Sebastian Gallehr; Dr. Thiemo Gropp; Rupert Hierzer; Dipl.-Ing. Taco Holthuizen; Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hueck; Tim Hufermann; Dr. Gerhard Knies; Dr. Wolfgang Knothe; Mouldi Miled; Tobias Morell; Abdel Hamied Moussa; Francis Petitjean; Stephan Schoenen; Max Schön; Götz Schuchart; Christian Steinberg; Dr. Oliver Steinmetz; Michael Straub; Stewart Taggart; Dr. Gerhard Timm; Dr. Gerry Wolff.