Board of Directors of the Foundation


Dr. Ignacio Campino

Dr. Ignacio Campino was responsible in various managerial positions for environmental protection, sustainability and climate protection for over 17 years at Deutsche Telekom. His last position was Board Representative for Sustainability and Climate Protection. He is an internationally-recognized and exceptionally well-connected expert on climate change. He studied Agricultural Science in Chile and received his PhD and habilitation in Germany with a particular focus in ecology.


Andreas Huber

A world in balance is what Andreas Huber envisions. Accordingly, he is dedicated in civil societal work in several organizations. In his position as the Secretary General of the German Association CLUB OF ROME, he supported and accompanied the establishment of DESERTEC and has been committing himself to the network for many years. Andreas Huber has a degree in Economic Law, International Management and Sustainable Development. Moreover, he is the youngest member of the German Association CLUB OF ROME.