Clean and dispatchable power for everyone

 → Energy is a condition for wealth. Wealth and growth, detached from dangerous carbon dioxide emissions, that are responsible for global warming, are the condition for the survival of humankind. The “future generations” mentioned in the sustainability definition from 1992 live today: Three billion young people. To these young people we give the promise to do everything in our power to immediately implement the world-wide energy transition with clean power from deserts and thus decarbonize the world.
Our Vision: Bringing six billion poor people to clean prosperity and clean up the rich of 1.2 billion.

“Emerging regions urgently need clean and reliable energy as the basis for prosperity, food and drinking water production. At the same time, we can accelerate the energy revolution of the rich world with energy imports from desert regions. We have to promote this development. It’s not about Germany or Europe, it’s our responsibility for the whole planet.

We must not destroy the future of the children with technology of yesterday.

PROF. DR. H.C. Roland Berger

In our perspective the key to decarbonize the world and fight global warming is the desert – in only six hours deserts receive as much energy from the sun as humankind consumes in a whole year. Therefore we have to purposefully exploit the potential of deserts. All types of renewable energies are part of the DESERTEC Vision, as well as the decentralized utilization of renewable energies. Due to the already technically realized transport of electric current over distances of 3,000 km, the wealth of the prosperous part of the world can be carbon dioxide neutralized and shaped sustainably. 90 percent of humanity lives less than 3,000 km away from a desert and desert power can be a magnificent supplement to the regional energy mixes of energy gained from water, wind, geothermal and photovoltaics.

DESERTEC wants to be the engine and drive for this world-wide development and change. A world-wide energy transition that supports wealth everywhere might probably be the biggest peace project in the history of humankind.