Dr. Gerhard Knies

 → Voices on the death of Gerhard Knies: Godfather of the DESERTEC Vision, who has passed away on Monday 11th of December 2017.

Since more than 20 years he worked to turn vision into reality and he inspired people all over the world. To BBC he once said  “I find it challenging and rewarding to work out ways into the future which are not harmful to us. That’s why I’m doing this and that’s why I’m enjoying it.”

Now he has left us.We all loose a great inspirator and motivator.

Our thoughts are with his family. Rest in peace, Gerhard.

Obituary on Gerhard Knies, written by Friedrich Führ, founding director of DESERTEC. Click here.

Nachruf auf Gerhard Knies von Gründungsvorstand Friedrich Führ als pdf

Obituary notices in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Please feel invited and welcome to send your message or also pictures of Gerhard to andreas.huber@desertec.org

Ein sehr schöner Beitrag über Gerhard Knies’ Leben und Wirken im Stern 2009


Nachruf zu Gerhard Knies im Tagesspiegel