Frithjof Finkbeiner

Frithjof Finkbeiner, entrepreneur, has been campaigning for a world in balance since 1994, when he sold his company. Within the worldwide network of Rotary, he mobilizes for the right of everyone to determine the size of his or her family, because he sees the growth of the world's population as the decisive lever. Together with his family and friends, in particular Franz Josef Radermacher, he is committed to distributive justice and has established three foundations, 'Global Contract', 'Global Marshall Plan' and 'Plant-for-the-Planet', all of which he sets up in an honorary capacity. As a founding member of the Senate of Economy, he advocates the eco-social market economy. In 2014, he took over as chairman of the supervisory board of the Desertec Foundation. The vision: "Desertec makes the poor clean rich and the rich clean" becomes part of the 'Marshall Plan with Africa': the neighboring continent is to become Europe's energy supplier and energy money is to replace development money. Europe should commit itself out of wise egoism that instead of the hundrets of coal-fired power plants aimed to be constructed in Africa, 1,000 solar parks are build in the Sahara. The population in Africa will double by 2050 and energy is the key to prosperity. The climate goals of the German government and at the latest the Ukraine war show that desert energy is the key for freedom, peace and prosperity.